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专访常胜将军Jim Chen | 用心倾听来自蔚蓝深处的独白

2017年6月5日 相關報導

今天刊出了 在上個月接受 POCO.CN 的專訪內容,談一些水下攝影的點滴與作品。




I am so glad that I was interviewed by POCO.CN to talk about details and works of underwater photography. If you can read Chinese, you can see it here:

It is a great pleasure to share with everyone about underwater photography. Just as I’ve mentioned in that interview, we will find a place with favorable diving environment and ecology. By that time, we will cordially welcome enthusiasts of diving and photography to visit there to share experiences and learn with us, which will be quite interesting.
This article has been clicked and read from the morning of June 5, there are 83,000 people browsing. This proves that lots of Chinese people are interested in photography. I also hope that my works can bring everyone different feelings.

At present, POCO.CN is China’s largest community for sharing original pictures in China.