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  • This tiny little sea slug (Costasiella sp.3) looks so cute. It looks like a sheep stopped eating grass. White head and black tentacles; cerata green with reddish tips. Its identity is the position of its black eyes - very close together in the dorsal midline between the head tentacles. No other group of sacoglossans have their eyes close together in the middle of the head like this. Often found on green algae with a flattened plate-like leaf in sandy. It grazes on the algae in that leaf. A few millimetres long(4-10 mm). I spent quite a long time trying to shoot this one and I like the way it came out.
  • Originated in Indian ancient mythology, the image of the Apsaras have started to merge with Taoism's Zen Pilgrimage after Buddhism was introduced into China. As a world-famous figure of Dunhuang Murals, Apsaras is also one of the Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils in buddhism colourful world of China. This time, the image of Dunhuang Apsaras is revealed by using water buoyancy, showing the dress flowing in the wind and flying in the air. Recreating the Apsaras picture of Dunhuang Murals in Grottoes through models wearing dress with a strong contrast to the Carnelia and India Green, using gold curtain matched with Aquamarine ribbons, and three flashing light under water to go with one on the surface, making up all kinds of angle and light. Because all things in water are floating, the model not being able to stay static for a long time, and the consideration of the angle of light in water, the shooting time is very long and the same movement will be repeated for many times. Even so, we challenge it with passion for a beautiful image.